Genealogy sites for children

Every family has a story--in fact, many stories.
The magic lies in discovering them.

There are many web sites to guide children through the process of discovering family history.

Of course, the most interesting and rewarding type of research is through primary sources—interviews with living relatives. Many children are amazed at the wealth of stories that come out when they take time to sit with older relatives and ask the right questions. A tape recorder is helpful, but note taking is also an effective way to preserve their stories.

Genealogy web sites can be very complicated,  but these are a few more kid-friendly sites:

Family Search, Family History Activities for Children 3-11:  
This site offers a variety of activities, downloadable forms, and historical links for learning about family history. Very impressive!

This site lays out the requirements for the Boy Scouts Genealogy Badge, a short list of requirements that could be a guide for any child researching family history.

This site is geared to parents for guiding their children through family history activities during their summer free time, though older children could take on these activities on their own.

Archives: Connecting Children with their past:
This site includes clearly-explained activities for children to research their family history.

Family Education—Family History and Genealogy
This site includes many links for activities geared to discovering family history. The activities are both educational and fun.

Start your family tree for free
This site asks you to enter the information you know to start the process of building your own family tree.

Keep looking--each site guides you to other helpful sites!