This memoir will transport you to Istanbul, where I taught English to high school students, explored their world, and fell in love with their country.

A Turkish friend had advised me , "You must only to love them" when I asked how to manage the exhuberant Turkish youth.

He was right—I couldn't help but love them.

Memoir photos
by chapter

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Miss Libby, my sidekick, waits patiently in her case to board our flight to Istanbul:
Miss Libby, my sidekick, waits patiently in her case to board our flight to Istanbul.
Welcome to Asia,
Policing the Asian Side for the Istanbul Marathon
The Koç School in Istanbul is an amazing facility:
I was amazed at the size of the Koç High School;
this is only the front half.
Ann Marie poses with a few of her Koç School ninth graders: Istanbul, Turkey:
Me with a couple of lovely ninth graders
My friend Jana gazes out over the Koç housing complex to the hills of Istanbul. Turkey:
My friend Jana gazes out over the housing complex to the hills of Istanbul.
Libby and Ann Marie dine overlooking the Blue Mosque, Istanbul. Turkey:
Libby and I pose in a rooftop restaurant beside the famous Blue Mosque. Oh, my!
Who would have thought Turkey would produce so much SNOW! Termal at Yalova, Turkey:
Me and Phil hefting a Termal snowball.
Edda Weissenbacher guides small groups on walking tours of Sultanahmet. Istanbul, Turkey:
Edda guiding us to an Istanbul rooftop view
Istanbul's Koç students take testing seriously. I could feel the tension in the room. Istanbul, Turkey:
Many diligent test-takers at Koç
Ann Marie takes advantage of a slanted marble slab to pose at Perge, near Antalya, Turkey.
Posing among the columns at Perge, near Antalya
Cappadocia features thousands of fascinating rock formations, including this fairy chimney. Turkey:
An artful view of a fairy chimney in Cappadocia
Koç High School students donned blackout glasses to view the solar eclipse in Istanbul, Turkey:
Deniz, Naz, me and Iraz watching the eclipse.
My niece Laura enjoyed Libby as much as I did during our travels through Turkey: Yahşibey, Turkey:
My niece Laura snuggles Libby in Yahşibey.
Ann Marie and Edda pose after agreeing to collaborate on a guidebook of Edda's tours. Istanbul, Turkey:
I pose with Edda in front of the Süleymaniye gate.
What's a trip to the Dead Sea wihtout getting slathered in its salty spa-mud? Jordan:
Allana, Mollie and Leslie cavort in Dead Sea mud.
The main hall at Robert College adorned for Ataturk's birthday. Istanbul, Turkey:
Robert College's Gould Hall on Ataturk Day
Even Istanbul has its snowfalls, though rare. Istanbul, Turkey:
Libby waits to show me the way after a snowstorm.
Istanbul's Tulip festival is beyond compare, especially at Emirgan Park. Istanbul, Turkey:
Tulips abound in Emirgan Park.